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The Calligrapher


I met Huang Kai Lu (黄开禄) in September 2014 in Macau. He immediately struck me as an interesting man with a lot of character.
I asked him if he would ever be interested in letting me interview him about his life and his dedication to his craft.
He agreed, but since me and my friends were leaving for mainland China the next day I pushed the project into a back-corner of my head.
By chance I ended up in Taiwan a few weeks later and found out that he was there as well.
My friend gave him a call and he took a days time to answer my questions and let me peak over his shoulder while my friend translated.

The Kitchen Tapes - Instagram Promo


A short instagram promo video I made for the composer David Andrew,
introducing his new Album "The Kitchen Tapes".

Hunt Brothers - Big Things


A Web Commercial I directed, shot and edited for the Hunt Brothers Coffee Grinder.
It's a little tongue in cheek film, playing jokes on hipster culture, all the while remembering that
a good cup of coffee is the only thing that really matters in life.

Showreel 2016


My Showreel from 2016.