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I was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany.
From an early age I was fascinated by stories and film, constantly immersing myself in them. There were times when I would read 2 or 3 books in a week. After I finished high school I decided to move to Sydney for one year and study Film at a college in Sydney's Hills area. One year turned into almost four and in April 2014 I found myself on a plane back to Germany, having grown both personally and professionally in ways I could have never imagined. 

Back in Germany I started to freelance. My craft took me around the world. I did work in Austria, Sweden, Spain, London and China, participated in a 48 hour film festival in Macau and met new and wonderful people in and outside the industry. However, after 3 years working as a freelancer I realised that I needed to grow in certain areas to further successfully pursue filmmaking as a career. I enrolled in a business and marketing college in Sydney's CBD and stepped back on a plane which would take me back to the other side of the world in February 2017.

I am now actively building my brand and invested into developing my skill in portrait photography and am based in Sydney, Australia.



Winner Best Cinematography - Love Beautiful Macau 2014

Winner Best Edit - Love Beautiful Macau 2014

Winner Online Best Cinematography - Love Beautiful Macau 2014

Winner Online Best Edit - Love Beautiful Macau 2014